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Sponsored Post: A Detailed Guide on Bhandardara Camping

Lakeside camping in Bhandardara, near Mumbai, has activities such as boating, archery, and a campfire. This campground is ideal for couples and families. In Maharashtra, Bhandardhara camping  is widely known for camping. This Campsite is located distant from the hustle and bustle of the city. This is a non-crowded camping area beside a lake. You get to wake up to the sound of birds chirping, cool air on your face, and a magnificent sunrise. Breakfast and dinner are served with a stunning view of the lake. This site is safe for children, families, couples, ladies, groups, lone travelers, and girls. There is a pick-up and drop-off service from Mumbai and Kasara station.

Enjoy nature ertained. This campground is appropriate for families, couples, and groups. Unlike Pawna Camping and Alibaug Beach Camping, you may enjoy peace here.

About Bhandardara Camping

Camping is currently one of the most popular adventure sports. People are drawn to Bhandardara because it is surrounded by vegetation and wildlife. There are several sites to see during Bhandardara camping, including a tranquil lake, hills, waterfalls, forts, dams, and valleys. These are excellent camping locations that offer a rejuvenating experience.

The campground will be in Bhandardara, Maharashtra’s interior and perhaps the darkest area in the state. One of its varieties is bhandardara camping, which offers a variety of scenic beauty. It has the least amount of light contamination, thus you can see the darkest night sky. They can also see the Milky Way with their own eyes and identify other stars and cosmic systems that are never visible from the city.

We’ll be photographing executioner star trails and the Milky Way for all you astrophotographers out there. It’ll be a pleasure for your focal points. On the other hand, if you are tired, you may relax in one of the open tents and immerse yourself in a sky filled with countless stars.

Ideal Time

The optimum time to go camping in Bhandardara is determined by the traveler. Bhandardara is a site that has seen a significant growth in visitor traffic. The sunny day, strong rays of sunlight falling on the trees, and shadows cast by canopies of towering trees all function as a lure for many visitors. However, rising temperatures may prove to be a major impediment to the plan. Furthermore, summer is the dry season for waterfalls, making the experience even less enjoyable.

What is special about Bhandardara Camping?

Guests can move up to observe the Ratangad and Harishchandragad posts while camping in Bhandardara. Mount Kalsubai, Maharashtra’s highest point, is 1646 meters above sea level. This hike begins in Bari Town, which is located 12 kilometers from Bhandardara. On the way up, there’s a small sanctuary with views of the Sahyadris and Bhandardara. The most difficult trio-posts in Sahyadri.

How to Reach

We are discussing here how to get to Bhandardara based on transportation promotions from Maharashtra’s important urban communities. The following are examples:

By streets, Bhandardara is related with various parts of Maharashtra.

By Air: The nearest airport is about 90 kilometers away in Nashik.

By Rail: The nearest railroad station is Igatpuri, 45 kilometers from Bhandardara. Igatpuri is located on the Mumbai-Nashik railway line. You can reach Bhandardara via state transport administration or private taxi from Igatpuri.

By Road: Bhandardara is easily accessible by road from all parts of Maharashtra. This community is traversed by State Route 44.


In terms of camping, you can make a plan based on the locations, but for one specific location, one night of camping is sufficient. You can also go self-catering in Bhandardara. This experience can also be had for a fraction of the cost of camping in Bhandardara. This itinerary is for a one-night camping trip.

Day 1

Arrival at Bhandardara Campground and celebration with a bonfire

To begin the adventure, arrive alone at the Bhandardara campground around 5 p.m.

You will be given your camp post, where you may spend some leisure time exploring the surrounding timberland zone.

Camping at Bhandardara Lake.

Return to the Bhandardara campgrounds to enjoy the campfire session complete with narration, singing, and movement.

This will be followed by a delectable meal.

Camping for the night.

Day 2

Wake up to a panoramic view of the lake, then get ready for the day.

After breakfast the next morning, you will return to the campgrounds to conclude your outdoor experience at Bhandardara.

Some of the most appealing and captivating camping destinations are as follows:

Ghatghar Sandhan Valley Kokankada

Waterfall in Randha Visit during the monsoon season Umbrella Waterfall Visit during the monsoon season

Ratanwadi Amruteshwar Temple


Bhandardara is an excellent camping location. It’s more of a vacation resort village. It is located near Igatpuri in India’s western ghats. So, if you want to go Bhandardara camping, don’t pass up the opportunity to have the most adventurous time of your life.

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